The Issues | Iggy Terranova

Making Queens Business Friendly

Small businesses throughout the district struggle to pay rent and keep the lights on. We need to take steps to ensure that businesses are able to thrive. 

Meanwhile, the rhetoric and tactics used in the campaign against Amazon sent the message that Queens isn’t open for business. Not only did our district miss out on 25,000 good paying jobs, but the possibility of tens of thousands more that could have been created because of the campus creation.



Building and Preserving Affordable Housing

Our district is home to the largest public housing development in the city. Residents deserve safe, livable housing and leaders who advocate for smart investment to ensure just that.

In other areas, people are struggling to pay their rent. We need to make sure that protections are in place so that families don’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay next month’s rent.


Reforming Our Criminal Justice System

We’ve made great strides in making our criminal justice system fairer and more equitable. But we need to ensure that we’re keeping the safety of our communities in mind. There must be accountability when assessing bail to make sure that repeat offenders and violent criminals are not merely released back onto our streets without consequences for their actions.

The plan for closing Rikers Island and replacing it with community jails is a costly and inefficient measure. The placement of new jails will put neighborhoods against neighborhoods, and we must ensure that there is real thought put into which locations are chosen.


Fixing Our Transportation System

Our subways and buses are a mess, and they’ve lacked the crucial investment necessary to make them run on time. I’m committed to bringing back the resources needed to get New Yorkers moving quickly and efficiently again.

For drivers and cyclists, potholes and rough road conditions make getting around difficult and dangerous. Flat tires and other damage can cause delays and create accidents. We need to ensure that the DOT is aware of these dangerous conditions and hold them accountable for fixing them.


Ensuring Protections for Labor Unions

As the federal government continues its assault on labor unions, we need to be a leader in ensuring that workers have the ability to unionize. As a member of the Teamsters Local 831 and SEIU Local 444, I’ve seen first hand how important having a strong union can be, and all New Yorkers deserve to have the opportunity to have those same protections.